Ayurvedic Massage Therapy

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Ayurvedic Massage Therapy

   The Sanskrit word Ayurveda literally means ‘knowledge’ (veda) of ‘life’ (ayur). The Ayurveda guides us into systematizing the life principles in order to provide us with increased longevity and pleasurable living.

According to the Ayurveda, normality will vary from individual to individual, for each human being displays their own and unique moods and functional tendencies. Being preventive approach-oriented, the Ayurveda prescribes several therapies to restore personal functional balance whenever mild imbalance processes are detected.


A Sanskrit word meaning ‘to smear’, ‘to rub with oil’, Abhyanga can be applied either as self-massage, or by a practitioner, or by two or more practitioners at the same time. Above all, it focusses on nourishing the skin. When the oil penetrates the skin, it nourishes its tissues (dhatus) and removes toxins. Using medicinal oils in Ayurvedic massage is advantageous mainly because their healing properties are soon absorbed by the body through the skin.

The Ayurvedic massage increases the flow of vital fluids and cellular interchanges. As already shown by scientific experiments, more blood flows in the tissues during and after the massage. An increased number of red cells has also been proven to take place after the massage. The same happens to the lymphatic circulation. Since residues and toxins, such as the lactic acid in the muscles, are removed, the muscles become relaxed.

The Ayurvedic massage is recommended as a daily practice. As we usually eat, sleep and exercise every day, similarly we should get massage every day in order to release toxins out of our bodies.

For the Ayurveda, pain results from the prana (vital energy) flow being blocked by the siras channels. The airs (vayu) in the body move and expand due to the heat produced from the massage friction. This vayu circulation through the siras relieves pain and tension.

Through Abhyanga, breath gets deeper and more natural, the 7 dhatus (tissues) are nourished and the 3 doshas (moods) are balanced. When taken regularly, it relaxes muscles, nerves, and joints. It acts directly on the lymphatic, blood and nervous systems, and it also stimulates the digestive system. It increases immunity, improves digestion, and makes you sleep tight. As it fights stress by providing more vigor and vitality, it favors rejuvenation.