The art of foot massage


   This massage therapy, typical of Kerala in Southern India, is associated to three other traditions: Kalaripayattu (Indian martial art), Kathakali (classical dance) e Ayurveda (Indian medical system). In both Kalaripayuattu and Kathakali, practitioners are required to be in excellent shape, as well as flexible, resistant and free-spirited. In this massage style, the therapist glides with their feet over the patient’s body, which has been smeared with medicinal oils. To balance during the massage maneuvering, the therapist holds to a rope hanging from the ceiling.

The Chavutti Thirummal originated among the practitioners of these two related arts. These practitioners are regularly massaged while being trained and physically conditioned in order to stand difficult and tiring moves. Of all the massage therapies, Chavutti is the one that can provide the deepest pressure in a uniform way. While gliding their feet over the patient’s body, the therapist uses their weight pressure to relax the patient’s muscles and release the energy flow.

One who practices this massage therapy is required to have coordination, balance and physical fitness, as well as good foot sensitiveness along with weight command in order to produce suitable and uniform pressure while constantly gliding over the “bodily circuit”.