Three Eastern massage therapy approaches: Abhyanga, or Ayurvedic massage; traditional Thai massage; and Chavutti, or foot massage. Three different ways of taking care of the body through massage, all aiming at your well-being by means of the release of energy flow and the loosening up of muscles and ligaments.


Massage Manifesto
Body in Cipher

Human body... contours, shapes, curves, reliefs, depressions, tensions and releases, structures, flow. Uninterrupted flow, pulse, vibration, stagnation, density, sensation, feeling, remembrance, fear, passion, consciousness, pure consciousness but encaged, organized within the somatic structure of an outstanding persona’s individuality.

Veiled circuits, divine mysteries in the body in cipher. My hands go within, doing, undoing, redoing routes. They release, loosen up, mould, integrate dimensions. They recreate, broaden conceptions, breaking up meters, seeking the flow, living rhythm of consciousness manifest in form.



      Thai Massage
An ancient technique based on the concept of energetic field and on the release of energy flow by pressing the muscles along the energetic channels. By moving joints, by stretching and torsions, the patient is guided through successive passive Yoga postures.

                   Abhyanga -
Ayurvedic Massage

A Sanskrit word meaning ‘to smear’, ‘to rub with oil’, Abhyanga can be applied by one practitioner, two or more at the same time. Above all, it focusses on nourishing the skin with vegetable oils treated with herbs. Using medicinal oils in Ayurvedic massage is advantageous mainly because their healing properties are soon absorbed by the body through the skin. Friction increases the flow of vital fluids and the removal of toxins from the tissues. The broad, balanced, and rhythmic massaging moves bring the patient deep well-being and relaxation.


Massage Courses

- Ayurvedic Massage Course (Abhyanga)



   Chavutti Thirummal
In this massage style, the therapist glides with their feet over the patient’s body, which has been smeared with medicinal oils. To balance during the massage maneuvering, the therapist holds to a rope hanging from the ceiling. While gliding their feet over the patient’s body, the therapist uses their weight pressure to relax the patient’s muscles and release the energy flow.